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T-Mobile MDA

T-Mobile MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant) is a series of T-Mobile-branded phones manufactured by HTC Corporation of Taiwan:

European models
Phone Brand By of original model
T-Mobile MDA (Europe) T-Mobile HTC Wallaby
T-Mobile MDA II T-Mobile HTC Himalaya
T-Mobile MDA III T-Mobile HTC Blue Angel

United States models
Phone Brand by of original model Availability
Operating System
T-Mobile MDA (US) T-Mobile USA HTC Wizard 200 2005-10 Windows Mobile 5.0
T-Mobile MDA Ameo T-Mobile HTC Athena 100 2003-07 Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition for X7500 (T-Mobile Optional Update to WM6),
Windows Mobile 6 Professional for X7501,
Windows Mobile 6.1 for X7510
T-Mobile MDA Compact T-Mobile HTC Magician 2004-12 Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
T-Mobile MDA Compact II T-Mobile HTC Charmer 2003-06 Windows Mobile 5
T-Mobile MDA Compact III T-Mobile HTC Artemis 110 2006-10 Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition;
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
T-Mobile MDA Compact IV T-Mobile HTC Diamond 2005-08 Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
T-Mobile MDA Compact V T-Mobile HTC Touch Diamond 2 2009 Q2 Windows Mobile 6.1 (upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5)
T-Mobile MDA Mail T-Mobile HTC Excalibur 160,
with the Wi-Fi chip removed
2006 Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0 Smartphone Edition
T-Mobile MDA Pro T-Mobile HTC Universal 2005 Q3 Windows Mobile 5.0
T-Mobile MDA Touch T-Mobile HTC Elf 300 2006-07 Windows Mobile 6.0
T-Mobile MDA Touch 256 T-Mobile HTC Elfin 300 2007-11 Windows Mobile 6.0 (upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.1)
T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus T-Mobile HTC Niki 200 2008 (T-Mobile[1]) Windows Mobile 6 Professional
T-Mobile MDA Vario T-Mobile HTC Wizard 200 2005-10 Windows Mobile 5.0
T-Mobile MDA Vario II T-Mobile HTC Hermes 300 2006-06 Windows Mobile 5.0, upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6
T-Mobile MDA Vario III T-Mobile HTC Kaiser 120 2007-09 Windows Mobile 6.1
T-Mobile MDA Vario IV T-Mobile HTC Raphael 2008-08 Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

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